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These are low resolution versions of images by Matthew Lyles Hornbostel for use in the workbook written by Scott Hornbostel. The workbook is intended as a follow-up to 'Rooted' as used in many churches and is drawing heavily from works by Dallas Willard, 'The Spirit of the Disciplines' among other material.

Scott felt that the Rooted program was designed to build a group and take them through foundations of the faith, and then maybe they could continue in some capacity after that... but the step Scott felt lacking in that was a secondary step between the introduction and a long-term group, an ongoing set of practices or habits that build up one's faith in a disciplined and focused way. The title of the workbook is 'Christian Practices' and we're still working out how we plan to distribute it, but a large portion of the art used there is now visible here.

It's a large pile of drawings with a bit of Photoshop postprocessing. Numerous references were used; none of the images are exact replicas of any one source reference but often they are drawings imitating 'composites' built in Photoshop and made to look seamless and consistent even though assembled from a lot of different source photography.  So basically I'd take a bunch of references and merge them into a single scene to match the idea Scott wants, and then print off the photomontage, and attempt to recrete it as a drawing, cleaning up inconsistencies in the source graphics and making some additional adjustments on the fly. That image then got photographed at high resolution, and the process that followed usually involved duplicating the image [drawing] and blurring the second layer of it in darken or multiply blend mode, sometimes with faint grain. Then adding a black frame, softened, typically around the entire thing.   

A lot of this may or may not be someday available as a poster series, a set of prints.
The workbook itself may also someday be available in a format such as .PDF, if Scott chooses that path.